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Isis bought her first (house) record when she was 12 years old (1987). After two years of serious clubbing she started mixing. Very shortly after that she played at the legendary club RoXY on a regular basis, which has been the breakthrough of her professional career. Since that moment onwards Isis has grown to be a renowned name in the dance-scene, playing all over the world with tours in Europe, Central America, USA, South America , Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Over the years she has played at practically the entire gamut of quality clubs or organisations like The End (London), Cocoon (Frankfurt), Amnesia (Ibiza), Space (Ibiza), Pacha (Ibiza and NYC), DC10 (Ibiza), Rex (Paris), Tresor and E-werk (Berlin), Fuse (Brussels), Cafe D' Anvers (Antwerp), Space (Miami), RoXY (NL), Chemistry (NL), and Opium Garden (Miami), Studio 80 (NL), Wappie New Year (NL), Stubnitz (NL), Bar 27/Dekmantel (NL) to name a few.

Furthermore Isis played at festivals and parades such as Creamfields (Spain), Glastonbury Festival (UK), Welcome to the Future (NL), Manumission (Ibiza), 10 Days Off (BE), Sensation (NL), Street Parade Zurich (CH), Penguin Festival (F), Festival des Amplitudes (F), Dance Valley (NL), Mayday (D), New Frontier (NL), Love Parade (Berlin), FFWD Parade (Rotterdam), Love Parade (Tel Aviv), WMC (USA), Mysteryland (NL), Ultra Music Festival at WMC (USA), Atmosphere festival (B), Lovefields (NL), Torhout Werchter (BE), Innercity Brussels (B), Rock It (NL), Impulz Outdoor (NL), Amsterdam Dance Event (NL), private Prince concert (Brussels).

Throughout her career Isis has been hosting and producing several successful club nights and events such as ‘State of Bliss’ and ‘All is One’.
Additionally she has been involved in projects like WORLD EXPO 98 (Lisbon), Tokyo (400 years Holland/ Japan celebration), Holland Festival (John Cage songbooks live performance), Val Sinestra (CH) and performances with classical composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven.
From 2004 to 2008 Isis has organised prominent events during the Amsterdam Museum Night at several museums such as the Botanical Gardens and the Museum of Resistance.

Since 2003 ‘All is One’ has yearly been invited to host an area at one of the main dance festivals of The Netherlands: Mystery Land.
Furthermore ‘All is One’ invited Carl Craig to join Isis in a steamy sold out Paradiso. The oldest en most renowned club in Amsterdam. In 2008 and 2009 All is One organised ‘Amsterdams Glorie’, the New Years Party of Amsterdam.

Next to her agency Magma and her successful events, Isis has founded her own label ‘All is One Records’ in October 2005. For Isis this is a milestone in her career. The label ‘All is One’ builds a bridge between different genres like techno, house, ambient and experimental dance-music.
The first EP, containing tracks of Dimitri and Piet Jan Blauw, Gijs van Klooster and Tommy van Huystee and Frenchman Taho, has been a big hit in the underground scene of Holland and Germany. The second EP produced by Arjuna Schiks was released in 2008. Arjuna won Vinylized, the price for most talented producer in Holland. More tracks of Arjuna together with Isis are in the making.

In the past Isis has composed releases with French/Dutch producer Eric Nouhan.
Currently Isis is producing music with audiovisual artist Piet Jan Blauw. He is known for his mystical music and design. Their fruitful collaboration has led to a series of very diverse compositions. Their first track ‘Eenhoorn’ released in 2008 was the first in a series of 5 tracks. Ibiza Luna and Blandas followed in 2009.

In 2009 Isis performed together with Ellen ten Damme during the biggest national festival on liberation day. In one day they rocked 5 mega stages all over Holland, transported by a helicopter. For this day Isis composed the track Libert She was also responsible of the visuals during their set.

DJ Mix CD’s:
These three albums were top 10 nationally ranked.

Eenhoorn – ISIS and Piet Jan Blauw – All is One Records 2008
Ibiza Luna – ISIS and Piet Jan Blauw - All is One Records 2009
Blandas – ISIS and Piet Jan Blauw - All is One Records 2009
Libert砖 ISIS - All is One Records 2009

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