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1991 was the magical year in which the dance-act T-SPOON saw it's first daylight.

With Shamrock as front man and a array of versatile female vocalists at his side, T-SPOON grew to be a true hit machine. Big bangers like “No Time 2 Waste”, “Take me 2 the limit”, "Where R U Now" and ofcourse Mercedes Benz, made their way in the charts, giving T-SPOON four top ten hits in a row and became unforgettable sing-a-long hit songs.In 1995 Linda Estelle came into the picture, with her impressive voice and extravagant looks she managed to conquer the hearts of the masses. Thus a new duo was born. The success of T-SPOON soon expanded outside of the Benelux and began to invade the rest of the World.

In 1997 Remy de Groot came back from his yearly holiday in Chersonissos (Crete) where he got inspired and returned with the summer anthem “Sex on the Beach”. T-SPOON scored a world hit record and even made a number 1 hit in the Uk, Ireland & Japan with this summer anthem. This song gave T-SPOON the opportunity to display their amazing talents to the far sides of the globe. As a result of their records passing over the counters of record shops like hot cakes, the amount of shows increased as well.

Because of the show and its dynamics, creativity and staggering costumes it grew out to be an amazing theatrical act that people loved to see again and again.This bought them numerous awards from various magazines and tv stations. Culminating in winning the TMF award for best live act in 1997. In fact T-SPOON was voted best live act every year the TMF awards were held. But only won it in 1997 when the audience got to pick which act truly was the best to see live.
Now after 20 years of global entertainment you still have the chance to see them in action in a phenominal show.

Together with their sensational dancers we proudly present: T-SPOON RELOADED, just like the other shows and concepts this will meet the highest standards in entertainment. Most of their biggest hits will be performed combined with the unforgettable exciting choreography and ofcourse the extravagant costume transformations. The 90's Reloaded.

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uitkoop3.450,00 1x30 min.A- set 250 p.Algemeen"Sex on the beach"


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